With 20 years of experience in dental billing, we are experts in all aspects of practice management. Plus, having a former Dentrix Certified Trainer of 15+ years at the helm, we know best how to utilize the industry’s top technology and software program to enhance the value of your practice. That enables us to support you in a variety of ways, from billing and claims to patient services.

During our onboarding process, as well as throughout our partnership, we identify areas in which your team will benefit from software training. Implementing a mix of remote and in-person options, we get your staff up to speed and empower them to really leverage Dentrix for the benefit of your practice and patients.

As part of our Dentrix software training, we can include:

  • Scheduling
  • Appointment Lists
  • Treatment Planning
  • Family File Data Entry
  • Code Charge Entry
  • Reports and Data Analytics

The goal of training is to increase your team’s shared knowledge of the software as well as dental billing standards. We have found a direct correlation between level of knowledge and comfort with Dentrix and practice revenue. That’s because employees who know how to use the practice management system effectively contribute to practice growth.

Through monthly training sessions of 2–4 hours, we show you how to leverage your investment and increase profitability.

Focused on Your Success

Our primary goal is to help your practice be as streamlined, efficient, and profitable as possible. We do that behind the scenes as your business-success partner, but we also empower you, as our client, to up-level your game through comprehensive software training. In addition, we incorporate training in HIPAA compliance, HR, financial management, and any other areas we feel will benefit your office.

We offer a depth of knowledge and experience in revenue cycle management. Plus, we also have a broad network of professionals to whom we can refer when you need anything else to enhance your business operations. After all, we’re in this together.

You take care of the patient. Let us take care of you.

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