As a revenue cycle management company, our focus is on billing and claims. In straightforward terms, we are accessing your system daily to submit claimspost payments and send patient statements We retrieveelectronic payments from insurance companies as well as any checks that are mailed to your office to reconcile all of them. Then, if and when needed, we make any appropriate account adjustments.

But it’s certainly a lot more than that.

  • Claim Submissions

Managing claims can take up a large portion of your day. We handle it all, verifying attachments and auditing before submitting. Electronic claims are sent daily after being reviewed for completion and accuracy.  By doing it right the first time, we reduce chances of rejection.

  • Claims Aging

You’ll always know where your claims are when we manage them. We review your insurance report daily, and all unpaid claims older than 30 days are researched to ensure we get them paid.

  • Medical Claims

Taking the guesswork out of medical claims submission ensures timely and maximum reimbursement. Today, dentists are able to submit medical claims for many procedures, including TMJ treatment, biopsies, sleep apnea, oral surgery, and more. We know the codes that are covered—and not covered—by health insurance plans. Using our deep knowledge, we will ensure that your billings are coded correctly, utilizing both dental and medical benefits for your patients. Through this, we’ll also maximize your revenue.

  • Patient Billing

Once claims have been paid by insurance, we review any outstanding balances and process statements to be sent to your patients. With a dedicated billing staff available during business hours, we answer any questions patients have and even process payments over the phone on your behalf.

You take care of the patient. Let us take care of you.

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